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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still here

So, I was supposed to come back to this blog all invigorated, with new ideas and a new layout. But,  life happened . . . ! At the start of the week, I was stuck with a toothache and found out that I have not one, but three impacted wisdom teeth - YAY! I was/am in unbearable pain. I can't get any heavy duty pain killers because I am allergic to codine, so I can only take basic stuff. I had to go to work in pain and on my days off I couldn't focus and wasn't in the mood to write. 

I was started to feel great yesterday and I got some Indian take out - King Prawn Vindaloo with lemon rice. I think there must have been something in the lemon rice because I woke up this morning with a rash over my mouth, a headache and my throat hurts. I've had the prawn vindaloo from the restaurant before, so I don't think it is the cause of my allergic reaction. 

Long story, short I've been poorly this past week. But, I hope to get my health in order in the coming week so I can get back to bloging and living.



shellsea said...

I have tried 100% clove oil for that just don't let it come in contact with your tongue when applying. I think at the natural health store they sell clove based products to treat painful teeth. I hope you feel better soon can't wait to see what you come up with.

Music is the new black said...

I'm going to have to try that. I seem to be allergic to all the medically prescribed drugs. It turns out my rash was caused by the antibiotic I was given and the "cure" for the rash is piriton which contains lactose something else I'm allergic to.