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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Skin Care Journey: Treating, and Dealing with Hyper-pigmentation and Acne (week 5 and 6)

I didn't do one of these last week (wk5) because I had nothing to say and I don't want to keep rehashing the same thing over and over again. My skin has been the most normal it's been since I started, I guess that is because I've reached the 5 week mark when the Retin-A really kicks into gear. I still get breakouts and the texture is still reminiscent of a gravel road - yuk! but, the hyper-pigmentation is clearing nicely. I've also changed my routine again! I know I haven't really stuck with nay products and if you are following this you are probably wondering what product to buy to follow this routine. Personally, I would go with whatever works for your skin, during my skin care journey I have bought A LOT of stuff and  tried a lot of stuff based on other people's recommendation and I didn't notice a difference in my skin. Which is why I ended up with lots of half used products and I'm working my way through them. I guess my routine (Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise) stays the same, it's just the products that change.

The other day, I was watching ANTM and one of the girls mentioned using vitamin E - I happen to have Vitamin E gel and oil on my dressing table, so I've added that to my weekend routine.I didn't have much of a weekend routine, so I wants to see how this changes everything.  So my routine as it stands.

Wash - Good Things Stay Clear Face Wash
Exfoliate  - Queen Helene Mint Julep (no longer using the boots scrubs at the moment, my skin seems to wince at the idea of being scrubbed)
Toner - Burts bees
Moisturiser - Good Things Mircale Mattifier (I went back to it when my skin started to behave)

Take Off my make up with any wipe I can get my hands on
Wash  - Murad Essential C Cleanser (got for free in a mag so I had to try it)
Retin - A

Saturday And Sunday Morning
Rinse off Retin - A residue then apply Vitamine E gel (I'm trying to use that up first then on to the oil)
Continue the rest of the day  and finish with my usual night time routine. I try not to wear make up at the weekend unless I'm going out for drinks/to a club at night.

till next week.