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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Re-fashion Pt 2/Yes, I'm still taking picture in toilets

Part 2 of my refashion post from a week ago.  You can check out Part 1 here, if you need reminding, here is what the outfit looked like before.
Maternity before

I cut it into two halves and manage to get two cute outfits out of it!  There is the second half. The elastic was big and stretched so I added a new elastic. When I was cutting the dress in half, I made sure I left enough to create a tunnel for the elastic to go in. Here is what I ended up with .

Maternity Skirt detail
new elastic

Maternity Skirt
How I wore it.
Top - asos two pack from last summer.
Skirt - refashioned.
Black Tights - can't remember where.
Necklace - eons ago from H &M

Maternity p2 details
close up of the necklace. The arrangement of the pendants is a happy accident. They got tangled up and I decided to leave them as is. 

I have one more in this series, I'll be posting it next week.

till then