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Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Closing Ceremony

world cup closing ceremony.
image source:Sports illustrated.

Monday is usually reserved for new music or new music videos, while Tuesday is African music.But I just had to break with tradition for one week seeing that yesterday was the closing ceremony for the 2010 World cup.

It probably goes without saying that, I am African and I live in England. When people over here ask me about random questions about African countries, I tend to give this standard response, "Do you give a shit about what's happening in Spain, Poland (or any European country I can think of)?". I usually get a mixture of confusion and "No".Then I explain that Africa is a continent and just as they know nothing and are indifferent to other European countries, it's the same way for African people.

However, an event like the world cup changes all that. South Africans root for Ghanaians,  Nigerians root for Algerians all for the greater good of showing unity despite our division and differences. Watching the opening ceremony, it is easy for forget that it isn't the African World Cup, rather it is the South African one. The South African organisers made an effort to include and involve other African countries in the planing and the festivities. The most obvious sign of that inclusiveness is the title of theme song, "This time for Africa", "This time for South Africa" almost sounds wrong.

I think the reason for this is a lot of African people see this as our only shot at hosting such a big event. So, for 31 days we set our hatred and indifference aside and we root for each other. Yes, the main event wasn't won by an African country. But, logging on to facebook on a match day and seeing status updates from African and Non African people rooting for each other to do well was heart-warming. I found myself rooting for North Korea at some point! 

I think this image sums up the atmosphere at this year's world cup.

Videos from the closing ceremony;

Was wondering why they (Lady Smith black Mambazo) weren't at the opening ceremony.

Better videos here but, it doesn't have embed codes:



This time for Africa! 


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Very intersting images.Thanks for posting all of them together I enjoyed it, without having to search for all of them.