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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: Childish Gambino - Cul-de-sac

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He’s got a potty mouth for a Jehovah’s Witness”. That was my first thought as I listened to Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino’s new (free) CD, ‘Cul-de-sac’.

The opening song has more ‘N-bombs’ than I care to count, but it doesn’t prevent from enjoying the track. About half way through the opening song ‘Difference, he whispers, ‘I’m just different’ and he truly is. His CV isn’t exactly typical of rappers out there. How many rappers can say they were nominated for a Writers’ Guild award?

Donald Glover started off as a stand-up/sketch comic, and then went on to become a writer on 30 Rock, and he is currently starting in the amazing TV series ‘Community’ alongside an ensemble cast of equally brilliant actors.
Donald’s move to rap is totally unexpected and it is hard to picture this geeky looking guy talking about how bad arse he is. But, he does it with such aplomb.  As a comedy writer, people expect his music to be comedic, but it isn’t. His lyrics are incredibly catchy, juvenile and sophisticated at the same time. After one listen, I found myself singing along to most of the songs. The album is full of one-liners and observations that are destined to be quoted on facebook statuses.

Donald Glover sounds like he went to the Kanye West School of rap, they have a similar style and possess and unabashed cockiness. You should hate it. However, the part of you that wishes you were that cocky, raps along and walks with the swagger of a rapper as you listen.

‘The Last’, explores the displacement most people feel at some point in their life. It is also my favourite song on the album. It shows that under all that bravado, is a decent person who is appreciative of this success, which he credits to Tina Fey taking a chance on him and helping him regain his confidence.
On the track, ‘Fuck It All’ Donald raps about fears, impending fame and depression from heart break. The lyrics are nihilistic and nonchalant. and based on the reference to Kanye, he must be expecting the inevitable comparisons to him.

In the coming months, there will be some talk on blogs and indie music sites about Donald Glover and the album. Whether or not the music industry takes him seriously with his squeaky clean history and a stage name like “Childish Gambino”, is yet to be seen. I believe he would be better off with a Milli-Vanilli type of arrangement. He writes raps and has someone more bad-arse as the face and public persona.Donald/Childish Gambino will eventually find fame and success with the hipsters and in the alternative music scene.

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