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Thursday, July 01, 2010

I think I fell for a song on TV - Parenthood

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Very few shows feature a song by Devendra Banhart, even fewer shows feature two songs by Devendra Banhart in one season. That plus, using Bob Dylan’s Forever Young as it’s theme song, makes this show a musical force to be reckoned with.
In Season 1 episode 3, Lauren Graham’s character brakes up with her boyfriend/one night stand (the coffee barista) at his work and she tries to leave, but her car won’t start and Brett Dennen’s ‘Make You Crazy’ plays in the background. It was pure perfection! After that I started watching the show with a pen and paper so I can make note of the songs.
The entire season has got amazing storyline and music. It makes me happy to see the likes of Josh Ritter and Brett Dennen getting airplay on a mainstream show, it’s not radio, but it will do.
Parenthood manages to break my heart into many little pieces and build it back up again with a great end montage and beautiful music.  I think all the songs are worth listening to, but here are a couple of my favourites. Luckily, NBC.com has a full list of all the song featured and it is categorised by episode.

Bob Dylan – Forever Young

Brett Dennen – Make You Crazy

Loudon Wainwright III – The Swimming Song

Rocco Deluca – When You Learn To Sing

Josh Ritter – Change Of Time

My Robot friend – By Your Side

Monster Of Folk – Baby Boomer

Alexi Murdoch – Wait
I discovered him on the O.C. He is constantly overlooked and so underrated,  I just had to include him.

Run DMC –It’s Tricky
It is cliché to describe this as an "oldie, but goodie"?! 

Bedouin Soundclash  - When The Nights Feels My Soul.

This is one of those songs that many people know (from TV ads), but they don’t know who sings it.

Ben Sollee -  Try