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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My most popular posts.

In no particular order:

1) Review of "Childish Gambino - Culdesac"

2) Brandon Flowers - Flamingo album cover

3) African Music Post (Barbara Kanam)

4) Free Album Download - Childish Gambino

5) African Music Post (christy Essien)

6) African Music Post (Akon)

7)  Review of "Rupaul-champion"

8) New video: Broken Bells - Ghost Inside

9) Free Music Download - Apple Trees

10) African Music Post (Rokia Traore)

11) New Music Post: Brandon flowers - Only The young

12) Refashioned Maternity Dress

So what have I learnt? you all love your african music. I assumed it was a bit niche and probably unpopular, but they get quite a remarkable amount of hits. The other type of post that get a lot of hits are the free music posts ....understandable! And finally my new additions the fashion and skin care stuff are slowly coming up. I tried focusing my blog on one thing and I got a bit bored and uninspired. I think if anything my readers- regular or those who stumble on this blog through search engines like a variety of things. As long as I have the time and I feel inspired I'll continue to provide that variety. One thing I will make an effort to do, is to find more African music, I have been so lazy with that lately.

See you later