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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cover VS Original - Amy Winehouse VS The Zutons

 Amy Winehouse

The Zutons

Which do you prefer?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

African Music Post: Kelly Rowland feat. Africa United

This song is so bad and embarrassing for all the parties involved, I just had to post it.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Thirty Seconds to Mars - Closer To The Edge

Thirty Seconds to Mars - Closer To The Edge


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

African Music Post: Khaled

Musician: Khaled
Title: Didi
Country: Algeria

Khaled Hadj Brahim better known as Khaled, is a rai singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in Sidi-El-Houari in Algeria. He began recording in his early teens under the name Cheb Khaled(Arabic for "Young man Khaled") and has become the most internationally famous Algerian singer in the Arab World and across many continents. His popularity has earned him the unofficial title "King of Raï". His most famous songs are "Aïcha" and "Didi".



Monday, June 21, 2010

Free Song Download: CocknbullKid

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
image source myspace

You might know CocknbullKid from back in January when her extremely catch single "I'm not sorry" was doing the rounds. Then she suddenly vanished without so much as a wave goodbye.  The Ghanian-British Singer (real name Anita Blay) has been away working on her album scheduled to be released later this year. She has released a teaser single (On My Own) from her upcoming album and it's available for free download, just follow the link below.

On My Own

I'm Not Sorry.

Free download of "On My Own": http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a229541/cocknbullkid-releases-free-download.html


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside

Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside

One of my favourite songs on the album, and my favourite actress/character on Man Men. I just had to post this! 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The New Pornographers - Crash Years

Very cute and weird video. I love The New Pornographers, but I always forget they exist till I hear their song on a TV show or someone mentions them on another blog/website.


My Life as an Artist: A Country Disguised as a Person by k'naan

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image source tinypic

It was not my dream to be an artist. How could it have been? I thought artist, much like a leader, was something you either were or weren't. Never something you set out to be. And as a boy in Mogadishu, Somalia, although art plainly encapsulated the world as I knew it, what I really wanted to be was an optometrist. But there weren't any doctors in my family. My father, they explained, was a civil servant of sorts, who then moved to New York for reasons all the poets in my life would fail to articulate. My mother, was by nature a poet but above all the distraction of talent, she was a mother. Her father was loved by all, a poet who's nickname was Ahyaa Wadani, meaning something like "The Passion of the Country" or, "the Soul of the Country" or, "The jewel..."

The Somali language into English is like an oversized person into a fitted shirt, always needing some stretching to make sense. One day when I was about seven years of age, my mother took me along for my grandmother's appointment with an eye doctor. Her eyesight, much like the prospect of the country, had been slowly dimming. I remember clearly, the glory of his entrance in to the waiting room where we sat. A white overcoat, a pen hugged by the cartilage of his ear, poking through what use to be a proud army of hair, now retreating in defeat. Everything about him suggested some incorruptible dignity. I must have wondered if he looked as impressive to my mother as he did to me. I wanted to be him. He searched for fugitives with the light thing into grandma's prisoner eyes for a while, like tolerable interrogation. Then with a great big sigh meant to proof his empathetic efforts, the sound of finality from someone who'd seen it all, he said, "I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do, it's just old age". I remember how overcome I was with disbelief. I thought, if I was he, a doctor entrusted with that overcoat, I would fix grandma's eyes. Suddenly I went from wanting to be him, to HAVING to be him. I realize now, music in my life came in similar form, much more of a need than a want: an antidote to a poison as appose to a recreational drug.

I was a teenager in Toronto when it first hit me. The intolerable fear of insanity. You see, as Somalis, the fine art of psychoanalysis is not something we've learned to appreciate; you're either a crazy person or you're not. And since I didn't really know any Canadians, there was no one to explain to me the sudden flood of anxiety attacks, depression and insomnia. It's fitting, I thought. I've escaped a war with minor injuries, adopted a new country where even laziness could be transformed into an opportunity for success, and I thought I would get away clean? Of course there had to be some tragic balance to this overbearing fortune. God, I thought, did I really have to choose between peace and insanity. I remember having these thoughts alone in a living room, pacing up and down, opening and closing windows in a frenzy, but one mid afternoon when I ended up in a bathtub still half dressed, I decided that I should tell someone. Mom said that the answer was in the Qur'an. My answer to her was, didn't the Qur'an say to seek help from professionals? And so we did, doctor after doctor, blood test after blood test, and they would all conclude that I was fine, almost blushing about how perfectly healthy I was. It went on this way for a while, but the un-summoned tears continued, the voices in my head were getting more opinionated than my speaking voice, a school bully sun, so I made excuses to hide from it, it was all beginning to be too painful to live with. At this point I was already fancying myself as someone with some musical talent. I could often find a little poetry in me if I needed to, kids in the neighborhood thought I could rap, and if on a good day, I went to the mall with friends, I would spend all my time inside Radio Shack playing their little keyboards until they kicked me out for not buying it.

My first songs were written in this condition. One song called "Voices In My Head" I remember writing during a particularly torturous anxiety attack. I had gotten the news of a Somali boy who was a friend in Toronto, leaping to his death from the 20 something floor of an old high rise we once lived in. Another song, a kind of a happy one actually, titled "In The Beginning" was written and recorded on my way to check in to the Emergency. A minor stop to a major event, I thought. In reality, all my life was in the minor key, but it was out of defiance that I wrote it all on major.

And where am I now? I suppose they're right to say that I'm flying high. I was recently honored with two Juno awards for these songs of desperation. And at the moment, I'm writing this on a plane from China where I had just performed at the World Expo. But once again, it seems that the great balancing act is in motion. Somalia is worse now than it was when I left at age 13. And while my career has some mentionable highs, my romantic life is adorned with the quiet lows. So I suppose this all means more songs.

I didn't turn out to be an optometrist. But I do hope that, in some way, my music opens an eye or two, to a great continent of both immeasurable beauty and struggle. And to my own life, written as a country disguised as a person.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grace Jones VS Patra - Pull Up To My Bumper

Grace Jones


Which do you prefer?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

African Music Post World Cup Special (Part 2)

Like many people around the world right now, I'm still under the weather with world cup fever!!!

I know you all are probably sick of this song now,but I just had to post this version. It is partly in arabic and features Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, who is just the cutest in this video.

K'naan ft. Nancy Ajarm - Waving Flag.


African Post: Magic System - Premier Galou

I was inspired by Ivory Coast's upcoming match against Portugal today. And No West African Party is complete without this song.

Artist: Magic System
Song:Premiere Galou
Country:Ivory Coast.

From Wikipedia:
Magic System is a musical group from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, founded in 1996. The band comprises Salif "Asalfo" Traoré, Narcisse "Goude" Sadoua, Étienne "Tino" Boué Bi, and Adama "Manadja" Fanny.
Magic System's recordings, in the Zouglou dance style, have featured in the charts throughout Africa (selling over 1.5 million CDs), the West Indies, and in France, where the band became one of the most popular modern African artists.
They released a new single titled "Même pas fatigué !!!" featuring Khaled in Spring 2009. French football superstar Franck Ribéry appeared in the music video.

Official website:http://www.magic-system.fr/

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Music Post

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire

Brandon Flowers' new song from his soon to be released solo album called "Flamingo".  The album is out at the end of June.

Prince – Hot Summer


Travie McCoy – Superbad and Need you


Need You
I'll like this song more if there was no auto-tune.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Brandon Flowers solo UK tour

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
image source:tinypic

Brandon Flowers has told Xfm that he will be touring the UK this year in support of his debut solo album, ‘Flamingo’. His backing band is said to consist of friends and past-touring buddies, with a stage show that’s likely to grow steadily into the live extravaganza associated with The Killers.
“Yes, we’ll definitely be over this year”, he told Xfm. “I think it’s going to be very meat-and-potatoes at first. We’re going to learn the songs and then learn how to present them. A Killers song will creep in every now and then. It’s inevitable”.
And of his back-up band:
“It’s a collection of guys that The Killers know. They’re our friends that we’ve acquired over the years”.
Brandon’s, as-yet-untitled single will debut on radio in three weeks time, followed by album ‘Flamingo’ in September.

African Music Post World Cup Special

I felt so proud last night watching the world cup concert and seeing African musicians holding their own next to their American counterparts. for those that didn't get to see it, here a couple of the performances from the African musicians featured.

Name: Amadou & Mariam
Country: Mali
Song: "Welcome to Mali" and "Africa"

Name: BLK JKS (black Jacks)
Country: South Africa
Song: "Mzabalazo" and "Too Late" 

Name: Hugh Masekela (trumpeter) and Lira (jazz singer)
Country: South Africa
Song:  “Grazing in the Grass” and "Pata Pata"

Name: K'naan
Country: Somalia
Song: "Waving Flag"
*I nearly started crying when he sais "its our moment" and his voice starts to shake @ 4:10.

Name: Angélique Kidjo and Soweto gospel choir
Country: Benin and South Africa
Song: "Malaika", "Mama Africa", "Move On Up"

Name: The Parlotones
Country: South Africa
Song:Push Me To The Floor
*I need their albums in my life*

Name: Tinariwen
Country: Mali
Song: "Amassakoul" and "Imidiwan"

Name: Vieux Farka Toure
Country: Mali

Name: Vusi Mahlasela
Country: South Africa

Don't forget to watch the opening ceremony today @ 1pm on BBC.

source: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/organisation/concert/artists/index.html
and youtube

MITNB .. .and go!Super Eagles!xxx 

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kylie Minogue VS José Gonzalez - Hand on Your Heart

Kylie Minogue

José Gonzalez

This is a no brainier for me. José wins hands down, I'm impressed that he found beauty in such a tacky song.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

African Post: Becca - fire

Artist: Becca ft Batman

Title: Fire 

Country: Ghana /West Africa

About the Becca:

Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong, popularly known as Becca, is an Afro-pop singer from Ghana.

She grew up in a music family as both mother and father sang in the church choir, as well as he brothers. She joined the church choir as well and had a group which composed their own songs.

She got her first break by being selected to be part of the pop contest/reality show called TV3 Mentor (second season) as part of the Ashanti Region team with Rose (Tico) and Sandy (Obolo). She made more headlines after quitting the show just 24 hours before the launchfollowing an allegation that the contestants had been secretly tested and cleared of HIV/AIDS without any prior notification or counselling. She filed a lawsuit against TV3, the television station which organizes the reality show. She was eventually replaced by Cee (Slim Things).

Her debut album features the famous South African jazz musician, Hugh Masekela, who has tipped her for major success. She also features Osibisa's Mac Tontoh and Partan. She also plays the guitar work with her own eight-piece band. The graduate from Wesley Girls' High School is trained in child psychology from Croydon College in London and works as a child care worker.

I mentioned last week that I was going to improve the African music posts. This is my first attempt that doing that, because I don't know everything about everyone and I'm going to be using other online sources for these posts. Some of the content may not be as accurate as the should be, it's not my aim to misinform anyone. I'll always post from the best source I can find. but, if I've posted something inaccurate, let me know in the comments section and I'll fix it.


Monday, June 07, 2010

Saturday, June 05, 2010

fiona tymps

Friday, June 04, 2010

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Golden Oldies (Christopher Cross - Arthur's Theme)

Christopher Cross - Arthur's Theme


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cover VS Original - Alice Russell and The White Stripes

Alice Russell - Seven nation army

The White Stripes - Seven nation army

Which do you prefer?


African Music Post: Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Iningi Liyabou Ububende

Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Iningi Liyabou Ububende

I couldn't log into my blog account yesterday, I had some malware f**king up my computer, which is why there was no African music post. I'm working on improving this post and providing more detail on the musicians featured. These changes should start from next week all things being equal.