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Monday, March 12, 2012

Nigerian...African Black Soap

I told my mum I wanted some Nigerian black soap and she sent me some, but she had no idea which one I was referring to so she sent me the packaged version - 

Dudu Osun
Nigerian Dudu Osun

Dudu Osun ingridents

Dudu Osun

and the traditional version.
Nigerian,African black soap

I remember we used to have to make them in art class or home economics as a kid. I always found it fascinating. There are many different black soaps out there, I think if you google, you will find anything from a light ashy brown to a very dark one like the ones in this post. I think this is due to the fact that our african grandmothers rare ever had written recipes and eyeballed the quantities so it didn't come out the same every single time. Also, the ingredients and quality/quantity vary from one region to the next. That is why I hesitate to say this is "African" black soap, I'm using that description for search purposes only. The soap being shown in this Nigerian Black Soap and if you don't know, Nigeria is in West Africa. 

More shots of the soap. 

side by side comparison
black soap,dudu osun
Nigerian black soap is softer and can be easily be broken in half by hand. 
The Dudu Osun is like any normal soap.

close up of black soap 
close up blacksoap
it looks like fruit cake or carrot cake.

ball black soap
easily pliable -that ball was more than enough for my face.

Because I only need very little and it lathers well,  I haven't even begun to use the Dudu Osun yet!I have more than a few months' supply which goes well with embargo on buying new skin care products. Lets hope it makes a difference or it would have all been for a nought.

take care. xx

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

January-February picture update

skin blog

My skin is a lot calmer now. I try to keep the settings as natural as possible - no flash, only sunlight and I'm going to be doing this consistently so I can keep better track of my progress. 

I came across another blogger who is also charting her skin care journey. And it took her 7 months to see remarkable improvement. 

Check her out here: http://the6inchstilettos.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-alpha-h-skincare-routine-photo-heavy.html

I know I have been at it for longer, but she stuck with the same product for 7 months (the horror!) I pretty much change skin care products every 5 weeks. 

Anyway, that's where I am now. I think I might have a make up free summer,  I'm trying not to get too excited. 

Take Care. xx