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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lush Skin Care Products Review

 I was stuck in a rut with my skin care routine and I was itching to try something new (and affordable). So, I popped into Lush and had a chat with one of the assistants told her about my issues and she recommended Dark Angels as a daily face cleanser, it has a sprinkling of sugar granules so it doubles up as a scrub.

I was also given a few samples and a full size Cupcake face mask for free because it is a fresh product and they can't sell it after a week, so they give left over stock away as samples. The lady told me I had 20 days left and to store it in the fridge. I got home and immediately stucked into my goodies.I've used all the products for a week now and here's what I think


lush cupcake

This is the item I got for free. It looks like chocolate mousse and smells like spicy chocolate mousse. There is nothing on the box about how frequently it should be used and due to the impending expiration date, I used this every other day for about a week and a half. This made no difference in my skin  good or bad. There was no adverse reaction like breakouts and no drying either. I eventually used the left over product as a hair cleanser since a lot of the active ingredients like Rhasoul mud and peppermint are used in hair products. It worked perfectly fine, actually better than a shampoo for me because shampoos leave my hair dry and crunchy and I didn't get that with this. If I ever by this again, it will be as a hair treatment not a face mask.

lush dark angels

I love using this every morning, it cuts my routine in half because I don't have to wash and then use a scrub. My skin always feels clean afterwards, but not tight. It doesn't give me the grey, ashy look I get after using most face wash. You may have noticed this grey/ashiness in my progress pictures, I don't have that when I use this. And my skin feels so soft I can't stop touching it - eek!

Definitely a keeper...for now.


lush sample
Vanishing Cream - this goes on like a dream, a little goes on a long way. I applied it several ways - on it's own, mixed with Grease Lightning, with Grease Lightning on top. and it worked best for me when I mixed it with Grease Lightning, My make up looked better and this is definitely one I'll be buying at after pay day.

Enzymion - I found this to be an okay moisturiser. It did it's job, but I was more bowled over by vanishing cream just having a look at my notes now I don't have anything written down about this (not good). I'm sure I didn't hate it, a bit like the cupcake, it made no real difference worth raving or bitching about. Good for someone else, but not me.

Grease Lightning - I used to use this about a year and a half ago and I loved the sucked the oil off my skin. Why did I stop using it? I have no idea, my bottle ran out and I never got round to buying another one.

coming next week my review of Lush's Brazen Honey - it contains a few spot lightening ingredients, I just had to buy it.