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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Music Post: Dark Night Of The Soul

I've got a new job, so my blogging might be a bit sporadic in the coming months. To my few readers, rest assured this blog is will keep going strong. But, I might not blog daily as I usually do. 

This isn't really new music, but it was just recently officially released. I blogged about it briefly once before. The album, 'Dark Night Of The Soul' is one of my favourites from last year. There were problems with the record label which prevented an official release, but they seem to have sorted that now. The album is dedicated to the memory of Vic Chestnut and Mark Linkous who appeared on the album and died in the past year.

Dangermouse ft Sparklehorse - The man who played God

Dangermouse ft. Vic Chestnut - Grain Augury