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Friday, March 19, 2010

I Think I fell for the song on Tv

This is the start of a short series about television and music. It is an amalgamation of two of my passions: television and music. I’m writing this based on television shows I watch and recommendations from friends/family (my sister is very keen on ‘House’ being on the list!).


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It’s a little known fact that Christa Miller (played Dr. Cox's wife Jordan, but she is married to the show's creator Bill Lawrence) picks most of the music for Scrubs – most people credit Zach Braff. The song that is generally associated with Scrubs is the theme song ‘I’m no superman’ by Lazlo Bane, but the piece of music that made me start associating Scrubs with good music Joshua Radin’s Winter.

Discussing the music from Scrubs, Bill Lawrence said;
"A lot of times when we're outlining a show, we'll do it with a song in mind, because we really try to make the lyrics land with the visuals images that we're showing," he explained. "We're especially careful about this nowadays, because so many shows are doing end-of-show musical montages now. If they don’t stand out and they don’t seem special and well done, then you seem like you're just one of the crowd."

There is no way this list would exist without Scrubs. Christa Miller and the music + edit department changed the way viewers relate with music on television. On most television shows you have a theme song and occasionally a trendy song in the end of an emotional episode. On Scrubs the music is part of the episode, it tells the story, along with the dialogue and the images. For instance, the use of Joshua Radin’s Winter in the episode where Brendan Fraiser’s character (Ben) dies is apt because without being cheesey, the opening line (I should know who I am by now) captured how displaced the characters - particularly Dr. Cox, felt after his (Ben’s) death.

Shows like Grey’s Anatomy and House have gone to replicate Scrub’s use of music to a decent level of success. ‘Scrubs’ is (partly) responsible for my foray into music that is off the beaten path. I discovered Joshua Radin and looking into his influences led me to rediscover Paul Simon, Bob Marley and Cat Steven/Yusuf Islam as an adult. I had listened to their music as a kid, but it’s very different listening to their music consciously as an adult, stripping away the nostalgia and listening to the lyrics.

My favourite discoveries from the show:

I haven’t listened to most of those songs in a while, but I still love them very much and think of them fondly.

For more scrubs music season 1 – 7 check out: http://scrubs.mopnt.com/music/
Quote Source: http://blogcritics.org/video/article/cultivating-a-cult-audience-an-interview/page-3/