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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

African Music Post:Freshlyground - Potbelly

Between life and work, I never get to complete my music reviews as quickly as I would like. But, I really want to keep this blog going (I know I keep saying this), so I'm just going to keep posting mini updates like this.

I need to complete my view of Julian Casabalanca's album and the new Sade album. I'm also hoping to get time of work to go and see 'Phantom Limb' and 'Steve Carlson', hopefully my boss would take all my overtime into consideration and give me the evening off.

Till I get the time to complete my review (most likely this weekend), I'm going to post this little gem. I know many people aren't exposed to African music and it hurts me when people reference Vampire Weekend as African music. If you've never heard actually African music, I hope this song is a great intro and piques your interest in African music, be it modern like Freshlyground and K'naan or tradtional like Miriam Makeba or Fela. I might go on to make this a regular thing.

This isn't representative of all African Music, this is more of a modern take. Freshlyground is a very jazz, popy and occasionally traditional south African band. I saw this video, fell in love and had to get the entire album (Ma'Cheri) which is mostly in English. I think not understanding a language should not prevent you from& enjoying a song. I listen to a lot of Carlos Santana and I don't speak a word of Spanish.

Anyway, here is it;

Freshlyground - Potbelly



PRECISE said...

LOVE THIS!!! she has such a great voice!!!