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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Broken Bells - Review (not really)

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This is going to be a rather short review because I'm really conflicted about this album. I really can't get my thoughts on it together. I don't want to say it's rubbish because it really isn't. That said, there is something about it that doesn't hit the auditory G-spot for me. 

To start with, I really had trouble listening to the album. The last Dangermouse collaboration I listened to was 'Dark Night of the Soul', his album with Mark Linkous. I don't know why Mark's death got to me as much as it did, I think it made it difficult for me to listen to 'Broken Bells' when I first got it. I added it to my weekly playlist so I could listen to it on the way to work and in the hopes that the journey would prevent me from focusing too much on Mark's death. It worked! I listened to the album and started to get a feel for the songs.  However, I still don't feel like I can give a good account of my opinion of the album. There are certain elements in it that remind me of stuff by Jon Brion and I feel like it should be the soundtrack to a quirky indie movie.

I'm just going to list my favourite songs and stop rambling.


Because of the lines - A simple plan we'd be different from the rest and never resign to a typical life. Common fears start to multiply, we realize we're paralyzed. Where'd it go, all that precious time?

Sounds like a modern day beegees song. 

I'll probably find myself editing and tweaking this, but for now this is what I think.