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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Recently Discovered.

The Tallest Man On Earth.

I've previously documented my tendency to discover songs on TV shows and this is no exception. I'd seen "Tallest Man..." on posters for festivals, but I never bothered to look him up till I heard his song on Parenthood (watch it and watch the film).  I'm hooked! He sounds like more modern Bob Dylan. He is definitely someone I'm be looking forward to seeing live. 

Daniel Martin Moore - It is Well With My Soul

I love this song, in spite of it's religious leanings. I think it is one of those songs that transcends religion. Daniel Martin Moore sings it so beautifully, every since I heard it, I try to tell myself - "It is Well With My Soul" when I'm getting stressed out or freaking out about something and it really calms me down. There is a detailed history of this song on Wikipedia. 

Tom Freund - Little Room of Mine

I don't remember hearing this on Parenthood, but when I went over to the Parenthood page on NBC it was on the list of songs featured and I thought I should check it out. And I'm glad I did.