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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some of my favourite "break up" songs

In no particular order...

Fefe Dobson - Scar

When I hear the Lyrics "And when you told me -  You don't love me anymore -You don't love me anymore - You punched me out  - You took me down". I want to crawl up under my duvet and never come out. 

Lee Ann Womack - Last Call

For me this song captures the moment when you realise what "you are too good for this sh*t".  
Lyrics: But baby, I won't be there to catch you when you fall. 

Amy Winehouse - You Sent Me Fly

I love how upbeat and yet, angry this song is. 

Fiona Apple - Paperbag

To me this song is about disappointment. Being madly in love, but realising the guy won't take a chance on you.  I have every single fiona apple album, she is one of my favourite artists to listen to when I'm heartbroken.

Anna Nalick - Wreck of the day

This song being me so close to tears, it is my "nail on the coffin-delete your email and phone humber-remove you from facebook" song. 

There are a couple of others that don't spring to mind at the moment, there might be a part 2 of this soon.