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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Skin Care Journey: How do you remove your make up?

Very good tip from Goss. I've seen this direction on packs of face wash.

Personally, I would do it like this;
 - Take my make up off with Johnson and Johnson baby wipe. 
 - Squeeze some face wash onto my hand and spread it around.
 - Wet my hands and wash a bit more. 
- Rinse.

That way I get at least a few minute. When I was having problem with dryness, I incorporate my boots scrubbing pad into the routine. 

In other news, I am pleased with the way my skin is going - clearing spots and reduced the frequency of my acne (thanks to duac). The smoothness is my big issue at the moment, I have heard amazing things about the Clarisonic AND the manual Clarisonic (the boots botanical brush). But, since the boots one is more in my price range, I will be checking that out and up dating you all with progress pictures. 

till then.