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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free Single Download: Apple Trees & Tangerines

It's about time I gave you something for nothing! 

Apple Trees & Tangerines - Can You Save Me?

'Can you save me?' is the theme song for an amazing new show on USA called 'Covet Affairs'.
The little bits I heard during the opening credits intrigued me and I just had to search for it. The band Apple Trees and Tangerines have been awesome enough to release the song for free,

well, it was bound to happen eventually. 'can you save me',
 featured as USA network's 'covert affairs' theme song has leaked. 
might as well give it to you guys for free!

You can follow this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?i4nbmb51ryp0sqr to download it. The band are so awesome for doing this, so please check them out and support their official releases. Their E.P is being released tomorrow (friday) with the proceeds from the event going to Love146,a charity that aims to stop sex trafficking. 

They provide (free) good music and support a good cause, what's not to like  about this band?