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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

African Post: Magic System - Premier Galou

I was inspired by Ivory Coast's upcoming match against Portugal today. And No West African Party is complete without this song.

Artist: Magic System
Song:Premiere Galou
Country:Ivory Coast.

From Wikipedia:
Magic System is a musical group from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, founded in 1996. The band comprises Salif "Asalfo" Traoré, Narcisse "Goude" Sadoua, Étienne "Tino" Boué Bi, and Adama "Manadja" Fanny.
Magic System's recordings, in the Zouglou dance style, have featured in the charts throughout Africa (selling over 1.5 million CDs), the West Indies, and in France, where the band became one of the most popular modern African artists.
They released a new single titled "Même pas fatigué !!!" featuring Khaled in Spring 2009. French football superstar Franck Ribéry appeared in the music video.

Official website:http://www.magic-system.fr/