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Monday, February 27, 2012

February update

So, I've been taking it easy with my skin for the last 5-6 weeks since I blogged, so I haven't had much to write. I didn't got to see the dermatologist, my skin cleared up on its own. I traced the cause of my break outs to the Skin, Hair and Nail tablets I was using. This is not the first time  Skin, Hair and Nail tablets  have caused me to break out. I stopped using it and my acne reduced drastically, I've gone for weeks without having a new spot. Right, now I'm placing an embargo on buying new products, I've trying to make a move to natural skin care and finish all the half used Retin-A, Duac, Oxy spot treatment and face masks I have acquired over the year. 

My skin care routine at the moment.


Wash - African Black Soap from Nigeria (picture up soon)
Tone - Homemade Green Tea and Witch Hazel Toner - I thought I invented this, turns out other people have had the same idea. Good thing I googled before I claimed ownership. Although, I made mine slightly differently and used green tea powder, and fresh Witch Hazel. and I didn't use Tea Tree oil because my skin reacts badly to it.
MoisturiseAveeno Daily skin Brightening Moisturiser with SPF 15


Remove makeup - Baby wipes
Wash - Dr. Bronners Magic Soap (via glossbox)
Remove Left Over Make Up - Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water (VIA Jolie Box)
Any face treatment I need to use up at the moment it is -  Oxy spot treatment

Take care.