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Saturday, January 07, 2012

HOTD: Yarn Braid Styles

My HOTD is inspired by pecadora99 over on youtube. Unlike her, I have yarn braids and whenever I braid my hair I'm always looking for styles different from my boring repertoire. I found that  braids and locs act similarly. So, I always copy loc styles whenever I braid my hair. 

In my HOTD (hair of the day) series, I'll be sharing a couple of loc styles I have managed to pull off with braids. I found that the size of the braids have an effect on how well the style carries over, the bigger the braids the harder is is to work with. Like the style I copied, she made little rolls with her locs and when I tried to copy it, it didn't look half as cute ... although, I'm hell bent on trying it again and being more patient with it.

This is the original video
all credit to pecadora99  

And this is how I wore it.
Yarn Braid Styles

Yarn Braid Styles

Yarn Braid Styles

There is really no need for the pins, if you tuck the ends under like you do with bantu knots they stay put. But, I used pins to make them extra secure, I own't use them next time.

Have a great week!