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Monday, November 07, 2011

No7 Shine Free Make-Up Base Primer

No7 Shine Free Make-Up Base

It's promises to....

Keep shiny skin under control all day long, with No7 Shine Free Make-Up Base.  The mattifying oil-free base has light-reflecting particles which help disguise fine lines and flaws.

My verdict...
This is a bit different from the (clear) primer products I've used previously (Monistat chaffing gel, Beverley Knight, and many others). I was initially hesitant because of the creamy texture. Usually, creamy product+oily skin+foundation = me going eeeek! But, I was in a hurry when I bought it and didn't put a whole lot of thought into it.

I found it tricky to apply at first. I usually dot the product all over my face then spread, but that didn't work because it dries quite quickly and spreading a half dry, half creamy product can be pain in the arse. It doesn't have that smooth, glidey feeling you get from other primers. My make up ended up looking cakey. 

Second time around, I put some on my fingers and rubbed it together and applied. If you don't work quickly, you will end up with an uneven application. If you over work it, it rubs off and balls up. But, I have the application down now, but it is still a pain in the arse. For those of us who are dark skinned, you end up with a white cast over your face. you can't see the white cast after applying foundation, but I'm not sure it this shows up in photos, I'm going to take picture when next I'm on a night out and update this. 

Overall, I found this product actually works. It is the best primer for oily skin that I have used, my skin stays matte all day, NO NEED TO BLOT! I'm taking it out clubbing soon to see how it holds up to hours of dancing, but it held up well when I went out to dinner with friends. I combined it with various foundations and moisturisers to see if that affected it and it worked fine.

I would recommend this product, but only if they sort out the consistency and make it easier to apply. 


UPDATE 21/11/11:
I wore this out clubbing and my skin got oily but not in an icky, can fry an egg on it kinda way. I was dancing in a bottom floor of a hot club all night, so it was understandable. There was no photosentivity or white cast. My skin still had a natural, "alive" glow to it.  I showed a friend the picture and she was like "you look amazing".