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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming to bring you...

Ever since I started reading Newdressaday, I've been obsessed with the idea of refashioning my old clothes or cheap clothes into something more wearable. Unfortunately, the thrift store/charity shop and vintage market here has been ruined and the prices have been driven up to ridiculous proportions. I couldn't justify spending £10 on a so-so dress that I was going to end up hacking into pieces to make it more current. 

After a couple of undocumented failed attempts I finally hit jack pot! I found this old maternity dress that my mother used to wear. It is a size 14 (UK size) but, I really loved the print and I loved the lower half so I thought I would try and make something of it. Here are the results.

Maternity before

BEFORE (back view)
Maternity back before

Maternity in
lining and shoulder pads..."oh my, you spoil me!"

Maternight after 4b
I didn't take it in so, it is still a size 14 (UK size), but I don't mind.

Maternity after 3  

Top: refashion
Blazer: vintage Betsy Johnson from ebay
Denim Leggings: Primark.
Shoes: Boohoo (last summer)
Belt: ebay

I cinched it with a belt because of the size, but I took the belt off after lunch (lol). And yes, I took the picture in the toilet.

WHAT I DID:...I considered a few ideas including keeping it as a dress, but the elastic at the bottom was over stretched. I started off only wanting to preserve the skirt half of it, but when I cut it I fell in love in love with the top and I immediately tried it on, hemmed the edges and decided I had to wear it to work today. 
I kept the skirt and I will be sharing how I wore it soon! 

Till then.