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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Music Download: Fistful of Mercy.

It's been too long mes amies! 

I feel I should explain my slight absence. I started this blog when I desperately needed a creative outlet. I had a job I hated and needed to get out of. Over the past few months, I did just that. My job gives me the outlet I need and this blog is slowly becoming redundant. I don't have time to write the original content that I initially wanted to focus on. 

That said, this is not the end of the blog, it just means that I won't update as much. 
And to my dear readers because according to google analytics I have readers...shocking! I'll carry on updating this blog, but not on a daily basis. I still have stuff I want to post, new music to show you and of course the free music downloads (as long as Kanye's people don't come after me again!).

And while we are on the topic of free music. Fistful of Mercy, the new supergroup started by Dhani Harrison, Ben Herper and Joseph Arthur are giving away a free single. Simply click on the link below and sign up to their mailing list... easy peasy! Their album "As I call you down" was released on the 5th of October so if you like what you hear grab yourself a copy.

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Peace + Love,