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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bumper New Music Post

 I'm loving all of these at the moment.

Gym Class Heroes  ft. Adam Levine: Stereo Hearts

I loved Travis' Solo album, so much,  I secretly hoped this would be in the same vein. Not that I mind this song, Adam Levine (the second hardest working man in music) sells it. I think without Adam it would have been mediocre. 

Estelle ft Rick Ross - Break My Heart

After "American Boy" everyone called Estelle a "One Hit Wonder", this kind of amuses me because it was also said after she released her first album. Estelle keeps going away coming back blowing everyone out of the water and slinking quietly away only to return and do it all over again.

Patrick Stump - "This City" (ft. Lupe Fiasco)

Lupe's rap really brings this together. I stan for Fall out boy and Patrick Stump, so much so I saw them in concert! I have their last album on repeat whenever I need to get revved up.